Rare Pygmy Possum Spotted in Canberra

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A rare little eastern pygmy possum was spotted by staff from ACT Parks and Conservation at Blue Range Campground off Brindabella Road, Australia, just last week.


The possum, listed as vulnerable under the Threatened Species Conservation Act in 1995, has reminded people in Canberra to be careful when sourcing firewood this winter. Not to mention that it is an offense to collect wood within a nature reserve or national park, in part precisely because of such rare creatures.

It’s one of the things we’re asking people to be very conscious of, particularly at this time of the year as they turn their minds to firewood”, said ACT spokesperson Brett McNamara. “Make sure you’re getting firewood from an accredited, licensed supplier and not just go out into the parks and reserves”, he added.

McNamara also said that the sighting showed that regeneration efforts following the 2003 fires were working, after more than 80% of the capita’s nature reserve areas were affected.

It’s very rare for our staff to see this majestic little creature”, said the spokesperson. “Indeed in nearby Namadgi National Park there have only been seven confirmed sightings of the animal. Finding this eastern pygmy possum in a popular recreation area suggests that population numbers may remain viable and healthy within the ACT”.

After checking on its health, the little possum was moved to another habitat tree in the local area.