North American possum feeding

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We have fun taking the kids to the local park where down the back of this park it flows onto a small forest where the train runs through. The forest part of this town was kept to muffle the noise of the trains going through town even though the driver always blows his horn each morning and again in the way home at night. The good part about the forest is that many of the native animals still live there including many species of birds, raccoons and of course our favorite the North American Possum.

We like to take the kids down o the park on the weekend where there is a small and shallow pond where the ducks play so we can feed them our left over or stale bread. The possums we feed pieces of fruit however they are rather picky about what they eat. Originally we tried to give them the old rotting fruits which we would cat away the bad stops and only give them the good parts. The tricky little possums knew better than that and turned their noses up at the old fruit. Now my husband buys a few extra apples and grapes when he visits the markets so that we can feed the possum’s fresh fruit.

Many people have caught onto the feedings and come to watch the possums get hand fed by my husband and myself. The children are still a bit shy about getting so close so they leave their bits of fruit on the playground equipment which is great because the smaller more timid possum’s take the fruit from the kids stacks. My oldest boy decided that after my hubby told him that the possum also eat insects and grubs he now digs up worms from the vegetable garden to feed them something different.