Interactions with Humans

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Possum Interaction with humans
possum-3Possums are a species of marsupials that are representative for Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and Sometimes they can be met in China. The most important species of possums are: Brushtail possum, Ringtail possum, Greater Glider and Bear CusCus and their size varies from about 7 cm to 1 m. Depending on their habitat some possums have became omnivores, when others feed only on flowers and vegetables.
Because urban development it is something specific for big cities nowadays human interaction with possums became inevitable. Sometimes in search of food possums sneak on humans property and cause problems. Their crackling and hissling are quite annoying when a possum male calls on a female. Their habit of nesting on roofs and ceiling cavities becomes a real bother because of the damage dealt after possum life activities. Though possums cause a lot of problem to people that live in such cities like Sydney or Mosman, authorities cannot deal with them brutally because possums are an endangered animal, and after being caught usually they are released not far.
Even if this animals are very agile and can nest easily on your roof there are some methods of frightening them away from your house. Possums have a very developed sense of smelling and strong odors (like garlic, naphtaline or camphor) will keep them away.
In conclusion we can affirm that although such species like Brushtail or Ringtail possums have adapted very well to the urbanization a lot of other possums are being endangered and reduced in number.