General Facts About The Possum

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The possum is one unique arboreal marsupial specie, which is found in various parts of Australia, New Guinea and Sulawesi. It is part of the Animalia kingdom, in the Chordata phylum and of the Marsupialia infraclass of the Mammalia class. There are many interesting facts about the species that all people should know about, but especially those who consider these animals as options for pets. This may seem uncanny for some of you, but there are many who have adopted these creatures and who have the tendency to think of them as rather weird looking dogs.

There are more than one types of these animals in the world and their development has been based on the ways in which they live, on their habitats, on their interactions with the environment and with other species and so on. The opposing ends of the species types are the Little Pygmy and the Bear Cuscus. These are the smallest and the largest species. The Little Pygmy weights 10g and is 70mm long in the adult development, while the Bear Cuscus weights over 7kg. These are all partly arboreal creatures and inhabit places with lots of vegetation. They are nocturnal mainly, which means that they can be seen frequently during the night. The species is divided into a series of super-families, families and genus. Their main features and characteristics are mostly the same, but, with this classification, they can also be differentiated in many ways, through thei  look, their actions, their habitats and so on.

Possums can be seen in zoos around the world, but it is safe to say that one can also admire them for free in case they go around forests during the night in the areas inhabited by these animals. Due to the expansion of the communities in these regions and to the reduction of the forested areas, the possums have entered the urban world as well. Although this is not a suitable environment for them completely, as they are wild animals after all, many people who have found one of these animals on the streets have taken them home as pets. There are even pet shops which sell possums. It is important to keep in mind the general facts about these creatures and to understand that they should be in their natural free habitat for the rest of their lives.