Are Possums Dangerous?

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Possums can be cute pets and the reality is that numerous people nowadays choose to have this type of pet into their homes. Still, there are also people who fear possums. If you wonder if the possum is a dangerous animal or not, you should know that there is nothing for you worry about. A possum will not bite or attack you.


So, in case there is a possum running around through your backyard, you should not be alarmed. There is no need for you to take action, either. Possums, like all animals, will only bite when feeling threatened. So, in case you grab or corner a possum, it will most likely attack you. Either way, you can rest assured that you are safe even though a possum may be running in your backyard.

The possum is native to New Zealand. This can easily be described as a beautiful animal, even though there are some states in which keeping the possum as a pet is something you will need a permit for. However, you should know that even though the possum is a wild animal, it can be an option as a pet for anyone who is willing to make a rather eccentric pick.


Despite the fact that possums are not considered to be dangerous, they can produce harm mostly to people living in farms. On a farm, the possum can threaten the livestock and crops on the property. Cases in which possums have stolen chickens, turkeys or duck from farms have also been registered. In order to keep possums away from such animals, farm owners should make sure that they are kept in enclosed locations in which possums cannot reach them.

Possums may also represent a potential danger to pets. Cats and dogs may actually be harmed after an encounter with a possum. Since possums are wild animals they can carry a wide range of diseases, which can easily be transmitted to pets though their bite.


Possums are not considered to be dangerous, as they do not tend to attack or bite humans, at least when they do not feel a danger. However, avoiding the encounter with an wild animal that may be aggressive is the best idea you can have if you want to be certain that you will be safe. If a possum is seen in your farm or backyard, just make sure that it has no access to food and it will leave by himself.