A Possum And A Cat?

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If you desire to have a possum as a pet, but you already have a cat, you need to think about this thoroughly, because it depends on how the animal usually behaves if he will get along in a nice manner with the cat or if they will fight. It’s hard to anticipate how the two pets will react when they will meet, but you need to be clever and to learn from the experience of others. And you can also read about possum behavior in books you can buy online. In the videos bellow, you have the chance to see all kind of reactions when it comes about possums and cats staying both in the same area.

In the first video you can see a cat beating a possum which is sitting on her territory. Not very encouraging, we should say!

Another problem that might appear is that the possum might steal the food of the cat while the cat is away, like the baby possum in the next video.

Or they might eat together and share their food without any problem like the cat and the possum in the video bellow.

The cat (resembling Garfield, we need to add) in the next video clearly loves the tiny possums as these climb her and play on her and she stays very quiet.

For you, you are the one who needs to decide alone. It depends a lot of the personality of your cat, but if you have the possibility, you should visit with her a friend with a possum to see how she reacts. Don’t forget also to read about the behavior of possums around other animals. Be prepared and you will know what is best for you.