What kind of possum?

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The American possum also more commonly known as the North American opossum is a marsupial which means it gives birth to live young and then the babies live in the mothers pouch until they are old enough to eat solid foods. So marsupials will continue to go to and from the mothers pouch for a while after they start eating for themselves because it is like a sanctuary for the young. The possum normally lives relatively close to man and often uses the same food sources like fruits and vegetables or can be found eating the rubbish that man has discarded. They can also eat insects and other small animal using their sharp canine like teeth to devour its prey. The American possum has sharp teeth like many of its relatives and uses these and its claws as a form of defense.

American possums reach up to 20 inches long which is roughly the size of a cat and is one of the larger possums found around the world. It is however still an average size for a marsupial, the Australian kangaroo being the largest. Even though the possum is commonly sighted dead on the side of the roads or highways they are masters of climbing trees and moving through rough terrain in the tree tops. With speed and agility they use their strong tail to balance themselves as well as to secure themselves from falling. The possum can be a pest when it enters the domain of man though in the wild they play their natural part of the ecological system.