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Most of us love to see cute and cuddly creatures and even more so when we see them in abundance in the wild. This gives us a warm feeling that nature in some respects is still going strong even though there are species of animals, insects and fish which are wiped out every day. The possum is one of the more resilient creatures of the worlds which can be found in tropical and sub tropical climates and in America can also be found in areas which do get snow from time to time. The opossum is a very adaptable creature who has made its way from South America all the way up to places close to Canada.

There are 60 different types of the opossum which are the 60 species of this animal. The general population of these animals give birth to live young and breast feed them while the single species called the Common Opossum gives birth to live young which then live in the mothers pouch for several weeks to months. The common opossum is the only marsupial found in the United States and also can be found in the southern parts of Canada.

The female common opossum give birth to their children who are as small as a thimble and are basically helpless and vulnerable until they make it to the mothers pouch. From the two dozen possible babies that the opossum can produce each mating season less than half the young usually survive the first few months and only one quarter or less will live to be more than a year old. The general opossum is a mammal which live of forest plants and insects, small lizards and spiders. They are said to be the only animal to ‘play possum’ or pretend to be dead when their lives are in danger from their predators.