Possum comparison

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The American possum of opossum is said to be a relative of the Australian possum however there are some differences other than just their physical looks. The opossum has adapted to survival in the winter months while the Australian possum is still acclimatized to the northern regions of Australia where it is warmer and tropical. Both possums have a pretty flexible diet living off whatever they can find around the area they live in. The opossum eats other dead animals or frogs and insects that are smaller than it is. The Australian possum eats fruits and berries of native and introduces trees plus the leaves of many plants.

The opossum has many partners throughout its life span and has offspring at just about any time of the years but the Brushtail possum from Australia generally only has two breeding seasons. Possums like to stay in family groups however they are also known to go off by themselves to look of new mates. There are several types of possums in Australia including the Sugar Glider and the Ringtail possums. The Ringtail possum is a good example of a possum that lives a solitary life.