Natural possum

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The true American possum is known in America as the opossum which is a far relative to the possums found in the eastern countries. These possum grow to be around 5 to 8 kilograms which is only slightly larger than the Australian Brushtail possum. The possum now spreads from the tips of Mexican forests all the way to Canada in any place that is abundant with its natural foods or foods that humans leave around.

The American possum like many of its cousins are a nocturnal creature, hunting and moving about mainly at night. They are not aggressive unless provoked but do not always interact with humans in the best possible way. Causing all kinds of mischief the possum can cause trouble for the humans just as the humans cause trouble for the possum by taking away its natural habitat. The opossum must then adapt to having to live in towns and cities and be at the mercy of the destructive nature of man.