Australian Possum

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The American possum is a very unique creature which is said to have made it way from the south American continent to inhabit much of the American continent. Unlike the Australian possum however the American possum likes to live in the bush while the Australian possums have adapted to mankind and are now getting closer to the people that they need to share their land with. Like the American O-possum the Australian possum likes to climb trees to get food and stay safe out of the way of cats and dogs however the bigger possums of Australia have no problem tangling with a cat which it would normally beat in a fight.

The Australian possum has migrated to New Zealand where is has become a major pest which the people are trying to eradicate so that their native animals do not have to compete for foods sources. Huge amounts of resources are used to hunt the possums. Poison the possums and trap them too. The New Zealand people have started to use the possum fur in clothing and other apparel like gloves, blankets and anything that keeps you warm. They are also using the possum meat in their pies which is a very tasty pie even if it is full of very cute animal.

The problems with the possums living in New Zealand are that they steal the food from the native kiwi birds which are already struggling against the wild cats and dogs. Having to fight for their lives against vicious and hungry predators the kiwi faces the challenge of then fighting for food with the possums. The possums also eat an n incredible amount of vegetation which is slowly killing the forests which is one of the other reasons these creatures are not welcome in other countries except their own.