American o possum

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The American o possum is a very interesting creature which has migrated from South America to many of the American states and just about right up to the Canadian borders. These possums are known as the opossum which is a relative of the normal possum that you might find in Australia and in New Zealand however the opossum really look more like a raccoon rather than a playful possum. The possum in general can be a bothersome creature because it will look through your rubbish and garbage cans just like the raccoon will. Even thought the creature will prefer to eat healthy foods like sugars from fruits and protein from insects they can be tempted by breads and other human foods which they should not eat. The opossum very sensitive to the foods that humans produce with the different preservatives and added coloring which go into many foods. These can be poisonous to possums in large quantities just like they are to most other creatures.

The opossum is very well adapted to survive in the cold unlike the Australian possum which is designed for the hot and extreme temperatures which are found in that part of the world. The opossum can travel through the snow to finds its food and hunt just as well for insects with their keen sense of smell. Once more common in the east of America the possum was introduced into the western parts of America as a food source and used for its warm fur as well as tough meat. Possum meats were said to last for long periods of time which made them better for eating if you where raveling long distances like the American people did before the trains arrived in America. The opossum ca have a very large litter of children though most of the time they are not all expected to live which is partly why they have a larger litter of pups so that at least one or two will survive.